AIDA project, or how to shoot a star

ESA and NASA are working together in one of those breathtaking projects that will capture the attention by media during the years (or at least the last years) of the mission. In a nutshell the project aims to study the binary asteroid system Didymos, and specially its 170m moon, also known as Didymoon (quite a cute name if you ask me).

The European part of the mission will study the outer space object, deploying several satellites around it and even landing one on the surface of Didymoon. Once this set of satellites have studied Dydymoon, the US contribution to the project (Dart) will arrive to hit a the moon with another satellite, to check which are the effects of the impact on its trajectory.


So, summarizing, europeans will study the moon itself, while US efforts will focus on shooting it away. Quite cool and representative at the same time. If the project succeeds, we are going to have some of the most epic pictures ever! One thing is for sure, the AIDA project already has a really good candidate for OST.